Base Camp Power

I passed this TV show base camp that has taken over 1/2 of Taft High School parking lot. This rig, (along with two star trailers that are also solar array platforms that feed the “mother ship” as the operator called it) can provide all power day and night for crafty which on a show is usually a small trailer, production/AD trailer, camera truck (including all battery charging) and a couple of the star trailers as well. Once all the air conditioners come on they have to fire up the regular genny (as shown at left (in first picture) mounted on tractor) . They have one of the big rigs and two trucks that are half that size. The panels do swivel but not automatically nor are they gimbal mounted but hey its the first generation. May not be so convenient or cost effective for any but the biggest shows or movies but its still pretty cool. When I got there the panels were flat up to the sky and the operator was getting ready to tilt them towards the sun which he did for the last picture.

They told me it can provide 600 amps of power for 4 -5 hours at peak sun exposure.

    © Craig Osler 2016