John St. Clair's Thank you note



Subject: Encomium.

Date: May 26, 2008 5:32:23 AM PDT


Hi Craig.

Hope you’re well and prospering.

Rather belatedly, here’s a note to say thank you for all the good work over so many years.

All the very best to you and your various assistants,


Your glowing encomium.

Well, the phone hasn’t rung for 3 years now, so I’m tempted to toy with the notion of wondering whether the time may be nearly right to begin giving some thought to the pros and cons of maybe starting to contemplate possibly thinking about commencing to consider the wisdom of beginning to entertain the idea of, one of these days, perhaps, going on to some sort of basis of semi-retirement.

The trouble is, when I did the last job, it wasn’t the last job, just the latest job, so at the end I said “Thanks for a nice job, see you next time” to everybody as usual, and didn’t deliver the glowing encomium that would have been more appropriate, as of course I should have done had I known that it actually was the last job and I would then be gracefully receding into Bolivian. 

So here it is now. 

I can’t do better than borrow the words of Captain Sir William Parry, whose two ships were stuck in the ice near Melville Island, well inside the Arctic Circle, through the winter of 1819-1820. He said “Our crews are composed of no common men: they do everything cheerfully and well.”

My sentiments precisely. We never had to endure quite so long or difficult a gig as his, but I know exactly how he felt.

So thanks for all the fine work over the years, and for the laughs and friendship. 

And all the very best to you for the future.



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