Bratz Dolls

Just finished a toy job with Miriam Seger, (Production Designer).  Snow scenes with dolls and hand models playing with the dolls in the snow scenes which meant separating the snow berms to allow for hand access. Luckily on this job there was a dedicated toy technician and numerous wardrobe and hair stylists for the dolls. Three very good hand models didn’t hurt either.  Depending on camera angle it was at times very challenging to achieve the desired shot. Every shot was a redress just for that angle. Additionally there were camera movements involved as well as “practical” snowfall effects for the miniature sets as well as for a live action scene with one of the young girl (consumer target) actresses.  Shaker boxes were used for all of that although I would have preferred an old fashioned rotating snow cradle hanging from the perms. Too much money....    

    Funny thing about glitter ....   we finished that job at 1:00 AM Saturday morning, I got home and took a long shower to try to clean off, on Sunday I took shower in the afternoon when I woke up, later before bed I took another shower and finally when I got up on Monday morning for my dentist appointment I showered again––––––––––– As I sat in the chair at the dentist offer my dentist said she saw something twinkling on my fore head and proceeded to remove the last (hopefully) piece of glitter. 

    The last picture is of some foreground crystals from an old chandelier that  I sometimes bring along to the set. The DP liked them and we used them on a couple of scenes.

    © Craig Osler 2016