Doctor Scholl's Pillow Shoe Inserts

We shot this at Union Station in downtown LA about 15 years ago. I had 5000 pillows made and we mounted them on thin sheets of layout cardboard 4’ x 8’ with double stick carpet tape. That way we could move the pillows around in groups and line them up more easily. We bought 5 sofa storage racks on wheels that could each hold 9 - 10 of these “pillow flats” because we moved those pillows all over Union Station. Several rooms were dressed during that day and the station was open and fully operational. Actually that is not strictly true, the room in picture #2 is now primarily used for filming. Fewer trains these days. The funny thing was at the end of the job I asked the producer what I should do with the pillows. It would have been a large truckload. He said to give them away and within 30 minutes they were all gone. People coming off the train would hire a cab and fill it up with free pillows. Yee Haw!

    © Craig Osler 2016