Dole Salads 

Gartner / Ted Melfi

This job was about those prepackaged salads now available in most grocery stores. Fortunately there was a food stylist that took care of sorting the lettuce and filling the hero bags. For me it was the swordfish and the sign. The swordfish was supposed to be fresh but they are not sold whole but rather headed and gutted. To get a real one that still has its head,tail and fins would require hiring a fisherman to bring us one from the ocean off of central Mexico. Next they wanted a rubber one but in the two days before the shoot that wasn’t possible so with some incredible luck the location scout knew someone with several taxidermy sailfish that was willing to sell one pretty cheap. We had to modify the fins and cut off the head and tail. John Merritt and his guys did the job in two days.  I have included a couple of Quicktime movie tests of the spring action of the reattached fins. The paint job was really phenomenal, the air brush work on latex was extraordinary. $5500.00 in 48 hours.

    © Craig Osler 2016