Internet TV Show

This job was for an internet show that had already had 1 successful season. It had an interesting premise. People send in stories of things that happened to them when they were young and the writers of the show distill two or sometimes three of these memories into an episode of “In The Motherhood”. One of the ones we shot was a young girl decides she doesn’t really want a little sister and wants her baby sister to disappear. Puts her in a cardboard box and is pushing it towards the front door along the floor when Mother discovers baby in box. I put a remote control robot toy in the box for the wide shots to give the box a bit of movement. The swan below was actually a steel garden jardinere that I hired a food stylist to cover in Rice Krispie Treats. Had to use a power washer to clean it before returning to the rental yard. Another interesting aspect of this series of episodes was their being sponsored by Sprint and Suave hair products. They handed me a box of new Sprint phones at the start of the job. When I started to ask about them they said not to worry, that if there were ever a need for a cell phone in one of the episodes I should use one of these phones. They said there had never been a need for one and they weren’t expecting any. The budget for 4 – 5 episodes per  year was about 5 million. (Have now heard that show has been bought by one of the networks and is being recast. – 2009

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