Matt & Kim Video

Art Direction, Set Decoration and Props/Effects Rigging.

Here’s the concept: Matt & Kim in rehearsal space practicing, they get into knock down drag out fight (ala Uma Thurman/Vivica Fox fight scene from Kill Bill). Chaos and destruction ensue. Matt gets smashed thru sound proofing foam section of wall into next door rehearsal space of Heavy Metal hardcore rockers and proceed to fight with them. Triumph and return to their space to resume rehearsal.  Originally they wanted breakaway walls that would be more realistic, ie drywall with insulation and wires etc inside. Cost of having two walls as well as time to replace and redress wall #2 during already extremely ambitious schedule for the day forced me to rethink that  scene and suggest using the sound proofing foam panel common to recording/rehearsal studios as the place to do the stunt. Not as true to real life but much more affordable. We did not have Tarantino sized budget or schedule.    

Realized I needed to do a flyby 3D previz to show to director Jonathan DelGatto, DP Helge Gerull and stunt coordinator Freddie B so we could understand set size, space requirements for stunts and hole in wall placement. Budget was very tight so decided to attempt previz myself with Google SketchUp which I knew about but had never really tried before. It turned out pretty well I think. Unfortunately could not export 3D model due to file size. I have included several screen grabs from different angles to give the idea.

The rental brick walls that were available for us were actually 16 feet tall. They were made for another shoot and had not been recycled (tossed out?) yet. Could not afford to do a drop ceiling which would probably have been the right look so the initial thought was to leave the walls at their existing height in order to save money. Upon reflection the DP requested that we cut them down to 11‘ to allow for backlighting and possible camera angles. In the photos that follow the brick wall is 11‘ tall. I have included a couple Quicktime  movies of the stunts we did. The shelf gag has one with the stunt double and one take with Kim. The foam wall gag was done by Matt’s stunt double only.

The really amazing thing about the whole shoot was how completely gungho both Matt & Kim were about learning and doing their own stunt fighting which was very extensive. They obviously loved the experience.  As we said goodbye Kim looked down at her arms and showed me all the bruises that were beginning to show from two days of intense fight simulations. Said she thought at first they were makeup that wasn’t coming off.  Very nice people on the whole shoot, have to say.

    © Craig Osler 2016