The only prop for this commercial was the steering wheel, everything else was being added later in post production. However they insisted on exact duplicates of the  steering wheels of the cars that were going to be added later. Had to buy one for a Saab Aero and one for a Pontiac Solstice. Of course they come with air bags which are actually rather pricey. In addition the air bags are actually small explosive devices so I had to remove them from the wheels to eliminate any possibility of their going off. Also, we had to switch easily back and forth between the two cars in order to get the shots they wanted. The rigging was attached to a 12” box truss which was chain gripped to the bottom rails of a 4 x 8 steeldeck platform on wheels. For several shots the entire rig needed to be removed and then replaced immediately for the next shot. Finally there were slight differences between the cars regarding height and angle of the steering wheel. Maximum flexibility was essential.

    © Craig Osler 2016