Rock Paper Scissors Short Film

When Ted Melfi asked me to do this project I had no idea what a huge phenomena RPS competitions have become. After googling it I was amazed at its popularity. Tournaments and contests staged all over the country, sponsored by big advertisers like Budweiser. People attend in elaborate costumes that are specific to their competitive personas. Larger cash prizes than what we were offering are very common – in a couple of cases 10,000 dollars or more. Flyer was used to promote the last day of our shoot as an actual RPS tournament. Cash prizes were awarded to ensure lots of extras. The tournament venue set was a large room in a local Elks Lodge. The lodge was where we shot 3 of the 4 days and actually offered numerous rooms for various vignettes, including a bar, office, comedy club, hallways, faux suburban basement. The other locations were a Catholic elementary school,(library & playground) and a closed Chevy dealership building.

    © Craig Osler 2016